Thursday, October 29

This post is brought to you by the letter E

Finley's nursery is legitimately done now.

I started collecting the letters to spell Finley's name back in March--even though we hadn't committed to the name, I was trying to plan ahead. I'm a planner, what can I say?

Paper Source was set on thwarting my plans. EVERY Paper Source was out of the lowercase letter "e"--until a couple weeks ago. Victoria picked up the "e" for me and I crafted it and FINALLY have his name on the wall. Who knew "e" was such a popular letter?

Now there is no mistaking who lives in his monkey room.

And I am NOT the world's worst mother--you can see Victoria's arm is preventing Finley from leaping off the dresser

Also, he has enough hair for a faux hawk. Take THAT, Ryan Seacrest.


  1. That was a good idea that I had when I said, "HEY RACH, let's put your baby up high on a dresser. Yes, I am a smart one.

    Back to V. Mars. BYE.

  2. Do you ever get poop on that little changing table and think it looks like chocolate covered bananas? Just curious.

  3. when are you going to let finley become a male model? we have a cousin who could give him some pointers.

  4. Without a doubt he is dawning 'blue steel'. Man, he is really, really, ridiculously good looking.

  5. Man, forget the dresser, I hope he doesn't choke on that bracelet.

    Cute pic!

  6. I agree with carrie, def blue steel.

    Also, why couldn't you just order the e from

  7. G'papa says, "Mom, that's 15,643 photos you have taken of me. Isn't that enough?" You know that is what Finly (without his "e") said.

  8. What a monky! He's wonky! Does this drive you bonky? Or zonky?


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