Sunday, November 22

7 Months

SEVEN months of Finley. Here is how the little dude is doing:
  1. There are around 3.5 teeth in his little mouth.
  2. He sleeps much better, I'm done feeding him in the middle of the night! In turn, he eats better as well. We're working on solid foods and I'm having fun making them for him.
  3. He scoots well now, and he does it in his own special way. Even though he doesn't wear his brace when he's scooting, he doesn't push off of that leg. That makes him kinda go diagonal and use one hand and the other elbow to move around. It's cute.
  4. Bath time is his favorite--he strongly protests when it's over. He loves to stick all the bath toys in his mouth and try to escape from the tub.
  5. He is just about always chewing on his tongue or lip. It's hard to get a normal picture of him.
  6. Arching his back and throwing his large baby head around is his way to get you to let him down to play with his toys.
  7. When he's playing, he makes cute squeaky soft noises like a little mouse.

You'll tell me if you get sick of pictures, right?


  1. Never sick of pictures. Keep posting. Abour RV Designs....I saw the Rhonda has a "designed by RV Designs" at the bottom of her blog but some of your other friends don't. That would be awesome advertising

  2. They should all have the little logo on them!

  3. Designed by G3. Assited by Angels.


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