Saturday, November 21

RV Designs

In case you haven't clicked over lately... I changed the design of the blog. I'm beginning to develop an unhealthy love of photoshop and really enjoy designing headers.

Victoria and I are starting a design business (if you can call it that) named RV Designs (get it?? Rachel and Victoria? RV?)

We've designed several blogs lately for FREE and are starting to see if we can get people to give us money in exchange for our services. Money or baked goods. Or Vera Bradley. Or come visit us. There are a myriad of ways we can be reimbursed.

Here are the blogs we have done so far:

Life in the Caymans, Podany Style
A Mountain State of Mind
The Sweet Life
The Yurasko Difference
The Life of J
The Life of a Katybird
The Cutest Chaos
The Story of Riley and Julia
Victoria in Virginia
Delicious Ridiculousness

So if you have a blog, or might be starting one, or know someone with an ugly blog... let us know and we will shine the light of blog beauty on them.

Email rvblogdesigns @ gmail . com and we will get back to you faster than you can imagine.

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