Sunday, November 29

Aunt Summer

We are quite thankful for Summer, even though she got left off the previous collage. Strangely, Finn is wearing the same onesie as he was last time he saw Summer. Promise, I do change his clothes.

Aunt Lilias took some pictures of Summer today so that we can prove that she loves Finley in a few years. Because if we don't have a picture of it, then it didn't happen.

Summer is currently working on a series of tattoos from her favorite childhood book, King Bidgood is in the Bathtub, on her arm. She got the book when she was 4 and loved the story of the stubborn king who wouldn't get out of the bathtub. As she and Lili experienced tonight, sometimes King Finley doesn't want to get out of his tub either.

We're so thankful for family who loves our baby and never tires of kissing him and tickling him and scooting on the floor with him.

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