Wednesday, December 30


Is it possible we are already on the brink of 2010?

In a year, we've moved from the exciting anticipation of our little guy to chasing him around and keeping power cords out of his mouth... I can only imagine what 2010 has in store for us. What a delight and privilege it is to watch Finley grow and learn how to be good, Godly parents with Sol.

Here's our year in review:

When I asked Sol for his thoughts on 2009, he said, verbatim, "It was a quick fast... lots of learning. Built a brick pathway."

I think the holidays have melted his brain.


  1. I like Sol. Straight and too the point. He also forgot attempted to throw a giant chunk of cement over the fence!

  2. I like that I took (or am in) 3/12 photos. Seems about right.

  3. Love the collage. What's that cute font? :)

  4. So cute. I showed it to Dan, and he can't stop talking about how cute Finley is. Well done.

  5. Carrie-- I will add that to his achievements. I married an impressive man.

    Vic-- You may actually be under represented.

    Kristin-- The font is one I stole from Vic--its a CK font which is a brand of scrapbooking fonts. You have to pay for them. :(

    Laura-- Well, that means Mr. Dan is normal. He's a cute kid. Mom said that Uncle Dan told everyone "I miss that kid" at dinner last night. Cute.

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