Friday, January 1

Pretty Luggage

When I arrived at my family's South Carolina house, Sol and I lumped all of our bags in a pile as we carried them in. Well, let's be honest. Sol carried them in. I can't be bothered to lift heavy things. But I did carry in the last bag, and I was a little embarrassed (but also a little proud) of the sight that greeted me.

And there are still Vera Bradley bags and umbrellas and stationery INSIDE those bags. That's not even all of it.

Is it possible to have too much Vera Bradley? I'm not sure if I'm there yet, but I think I am close.


  1. I like when we play that game where we put all of it together and count the number of pattersn.

  2. Nice diaper bag? who got you that? ;)

  3. Is there really such a thing as too much Vera Bradley???

  4. Hello Anonymous. My awesome friends, Marie and Dawn, got me that.

    And, no there really can't be too much Vera... as long as you aren't carrying all of it. Maybe I should stick to a pattern.


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