Tuesday, January 5

Terms of Endearment

An hour after he was born, we named him Finley. It took a while after he was birthed for us to actually commit to a name enough to finally tell people, but for most of his life, that is what we have called him. Finley.

Actually, that's not true. He doesn't get called Finley all that often, because of all the other silly, cutesy things that come out of our mouths.

Obviously we call him Finn. (With TWO n's.) Like the Goldfish mascot and star of Glee.

And when he's only kind of in trouble, I call him Finn Dave. (I'm reserving Finley David for when he wrecks my car and other serious offenses.)

And for some reason, Sol and I call each other Rachbert and Solbert. And before we ever had Copper, we pretended his name would be Bert. And then his name was Copper, and Copbert sounds weird. Using that excellent logic, we sometimes call him Finnbert.

And because Sol is sometimes a little on the ridiculous side, Finnbert evolved into Finnbretto. This is the name that is used when Finley is doing Italian things like making pizza and going to the opera.

Then that got shortened to Bretto.

And then evolved to SeƱor Bretto (in formal situations) and Little Bretto (because he's little).

...and there is a whole slew of other ones, for special situations.
Finn-bot 2000 and Late (for those times when Finley is both a robot and a member of the Black Eyed Peas)
Poopy Pants McGee (clearly, when he has poopy pants)
Kiddopopotamus (when Sol is feeling extra gangsta after watching this)
Bro-`son (when Sol is longing for a brother and a son)
Squirmy Wormy (when he's being... well, squirmy)
Scootaloo (courtesy of Victoria)
Cuddlebug (occasionally, he lets you cuddle him)
Little Mousey (because sometimes he squeaks like a mouse, I know, creative!!!)
Monster (for when he terrorizes villages)

And they get increasingly sillier. I don't think he will ever know his name. We've doomed him, he'll probably just answer to anything said in a baby voice. Oh well. We're trying. Actually, we're not.

Obligatory picture below. My mom won't read my blog unless there is a picture.


  1. Great picture, thanks. I will read the blog later. :-)
    Say hello to "finner-dude" aka "lil dude" from grandma.

  2. I'm so glad that it made the blog. He's my little scootaloo!

  3. Finnbretto also works when he poop on humans (I heard it once). I also enjoy Finnigan

  4. I won't read without a picture either. Good thing you made it the grand finale of the post so that you kept my attention and I had to read the whole thing before I got to the prize.

  5. awesome. sol is totally solbert to us.

    we also call the little miss a "Squirmy Wormy" too. pretty cool.

  6. Melissa sometimes calls her kids Cranky Crankerson or Sleepy Sleeperson. You can see the endless possibilities here. Have at it.

  7. Court-- I sometimes use variations of that, sometimes I add "McGee" to the end of it. I don't know why. I'm weird.

    Cat--I like it that you call her little miss! too cute.

    Lu--glad you got your prize. I'll try to keep the pictures coming. It's just so hard...

    Carrie-- Yes, Finnbretto can be used in many situations. Poop emergencies included.

    Mom-- sorry I forgot Finner-dude! He sure heard that a lot over break.

  8. I love this post. I love baby nicknames. It's so funny to hear what comes out of your mouth when your around a baby. Sometimes I think, "Did I just call him that?" And you know what, the baby's probably thinking the same thing. I call Matt's cousin's kid 'Abraturkey.' His name's Abraham. I'd call Finley, 'Smooth Operator.' Because when he plays phone operator, he makes good choices on who to call.

  9. Alison - Once I was at the Biltmore with Finley and he was staying entertained with Rae's phone. I looked down and panicked because he was connected to someone - Rachel calmly said...don't worry, he is calling Alison. I wish Grandma started with an "a"

  10. Well, coming from this grandmother's perspective I like hearing about all of it. We call him Finley David the little Scott. Finn is also the name of Winona Ryder's character in the film, An American Quilt. So give both of those boys a squeeze from me.


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