Saturday, December 26

Best Gifts Ever

Merry Christmas! I hope Santa treated you well. Here are our favorite gifts...

Rachel: I got... a KINDLE! I didn't even ask for it--Sol picked it out all by himself. I'm thrilled, I love it, it's awesome. (Can you tell I love it?) I read like crazy already and it certainly makes reading a little easier. One of best parts is that I can use it one-handed while feeding Finley. I love it. A lot. Did I mention that? My husband is so thoughtful and so very awesome. Thanks honey!

Sol: Along with everyone else in my family, Sol got a SNUGGIE! He loves it. He eats, sleeps and showers in it. I can't get him to take the darn thing off. The best part is that it is a blanket... with sleeves!

Finley: Like most babies, Finley's favorites are not the tons of toys he has here. He loves the Christmas tree and a plastic bat he found somewhere.

Hope you got everything you asked for and found time to reflect on our most perfect gift, a Savior. Unlike some presents, Jesus is always the right size and always in style. Merry Christmas.


  1. I retract my earlier statement about you and blogging. Please stop. It makes my heart hurt not to hold Finley and give him hugs. Also. What is it about bloggers taking photos of themselves? Why do they always stand sideways. And good job running 13 miles. I'm at a very slow and measly 5 this week...

    Can you tell I miss you? Lots to say.

  2. Sol looks like a druid in his Snuggie! Glad you had a merry Christmas.

  3. I got a Snuggie for Christmas too!!! While I initially thought that it was a strange but adorable gift from Lewis, I've come to appreciate it as it has decided to snow twice in the past week here in Fort Worth. Go figure! And I am bound and determined to not turn my heater on. Lol...

    P.S. I love your blog. :)

    your cousin Adrien

  4. Anne and Adrien-- glad you got to experience the Snuggie love. They are cozier than I expected...

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