Wednesday, December 23

8 Months

Often, when Sol and I are going to bed and we're missing Finley, one of us will say, "Let's talk about how much we love Finley." And the other will say, "I love him a lot." And then we'll spend a few minutes reviewing the sweet and cute things that have happened in the day and how much we love that little kid. The general consensus in our house is that he is very cute and that we love him very much.

Another month has gone by, and I'm not sure how we can keep up this pace. Time goes so quickly! I get anxious thinking how close we are to having a child who is ONE. What will we do when he starts running and telling us he loves us too?

And now for the update:

Finley is getting better and better at knowing what his body parts do--my favorite new development is that he will reach for us when he wants to be picked up. We gave him little puffs to try and he can sorta pick them up and sometimes get them in his mouth. He looks so big sitting in his high chair and eating mushed up versions of big people food.

He is happy and smiley almost all the time and loves to play with anything he can get his hands on. He babbles silly sounds and makes a terrible noise grinding his teeth. He's a speedy scooter and rocks on his hands and knees often, I expect him to start crawling any day.

We're so blessed to have him. Sometimes I wonder how we lived before him--he makes everything a little brighter.

Finley got his Christmas gift a little early: his two front teeth.


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