Tuesday, December 22

HDR Holly

I recently started playing around with HDR--High Dynamic Range. I am using a free software, Photomatix, to play with. Basically, if you have a DSLR camera, you can set it to take three pictures that are normal, light and dark. This way you get all the color ranges in your picture. Fancy software combines the three images to one real pretty, bright one.

I took these three of some holly by our house. The first is pretty good, but I though using HDR could make the blue and red stand out more.

Here is the result.

The leaves in the background are a little shaky because I didn't have a tripod, but I think it turned out pretty. All the colors are more vibrant. Here are some examples of some great HDR photos--they are gorgeous, surreal photos. You will soon realize that my picture isn't very cool at all. But I'm learning.

In case you want to take HDR pictures of your very own, I can help you with a Canon (I have the XT). Here's what you do: Menu-- 2-- AEB-- slide the green arrows all the way out. Hold down the shutter and be verrrrry still, and the camera will take 3 in a row. Then load the pictures into your software of choice. Happy HDRing!


  1. I have access to a Cannon Digital Something-or-Other for the next 5 days. I shot our quiche making session two nights ago along with some presents and the tree lights. They turned out ok. A little epileptic. My plan is to google what all the icons on the little round dial mean.

    Love you!

    Eat Snow. (Not an insult, but a suggestion)


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