Monday, December 21

Finally, Snow Day!

School was eventually canceled--for the WHOLE week. I thought Sol and Victoria were tricking me when they told me. But then I jumped around yelled so much that I hurt my knee, peed my pants a little and woke up Finley. I feel a little cheated out of Saturday and Sunday, because I really like saying, "It's Christmas Break!" And I would have got to say it a bunch more if I knew sooner. Thanks for nothing, Fairfax.

Late cancellation aside, it's been lovely. Piles of snow, Mustgo* for every meal and best of all, lots of time with my family. I'm so excited to spend every minute of the next two weeks with my two favorite boys... and Copper.

It was fun to introduce Finley to the snow. Here's the proof--a collage for your viewing pleasure. My name is Rachel, and I am obsessed with Photoshop. (Sorry, I can't stop. Too many pictures, too little time.)

*Because we had limited food selection, we were eating the last of the pantry and fridge. Everything must go.

This is my first ever entry for i heart faces! Go check out the other entries by clicking the button below.


  1. Wow what a cutie! And what a beautiful collage, love the tones, they are so warm despite the cold snow!

    Nice work :)

    Stop by my blog at if you get the chance :)

    K xx

  2. What a nice family collage! Perhaps something to print??? :)

  3. Yay for snow days! :) Very cute.

  4. Love the photos against the white! Great collage.

  5. I love this collage. How it feels, the warmth. the family. Beautiful!

  6. what a cutie! i love the muted tone of the collage

  7. Nice collage... I love the tone; it really ties them all together.

    Marla @

  8. sweet photos! great job! I've only entered twice now I think :)

    amy in peru


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