Sunday, December 20


Boston 2007: The heavens opened up and dumped all its snow into the city, right as school got out. I spent EIGHT HOURS in the car, foodless, with a full bladder, a half-full gas tank and a half-charged cell phone. I commiserated with Marie and Nik and Dawn as we tried to make it home to our various parts of the city. Kids were on the bus for 10 hours. That was a Friday, and even though Boston quickly cleared all the snow, they still canceled school Monday out of pity. It would have been a crime to make us come to school after that drama.

Fairfax 2009: Record setting snow--about 20 inches at our house. There is more snow than in the entire month of December since 1870. (Right, Vic?) Just like my snow disaster of 2007, all the snow dumped Friday... too late to guarantee school canceling.

I need a snow day tomorrow. Fairfax, I know you freak out and cancel school when there's only an inch of snow, but I'm worried that you might try to have school since you've had a couple days to clear the mess (even though there is 20 inches of it). From my trek to the end of the street it doesn't look very good. Please, at least cancel Monday? And if you're really generous, Tuesday and Wednesday too? I'm okay delaying my test of Linear Equations until January. I'm ready to start Christmas break.

Here's my sweet husband freeing us from our icy prison. Sol learned a lot about shoveling snow in Boston. It actually kind of makes our unprecedented, record setting snowfall seem rather measly. At least he learned how to pose for the perfect shoveling photo.

More photos to come...

*UPDATE* School is cancelled for the WHOLE week! See you in 2010, school!


  1. Pretty amazing that much snow fell. Not so in Kansas City! Enjoy your time off. I'm going to refer a friend to RV designs... she works for a non-profit planting gardens with school-age kids. Thought it could be fun for you to design a garden theme blog. :)


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