Thursday, December 17

Entrepreneurship Attempt: Take 2

Now, I wouldn't say that Victoria and my first attempt at being entrepreneurs was a failure... I'd probably just say that we haven't become a success yet. There's a decent chance that someday we'll find someone who is willing to give us actual currency in exchange for our incredible skills. We love the payments so far (pie pops and recipe books!), but not many successful businesses barter.

But because we're go-getters, tonight we cooked up our next plan: RV Designs II.

Oh, get ready because we have a new killer idea.


Victoria and I are signed up to run a 5K on Saturday (which is really funny if you know Victoria) and we decided to screenprint t-shirts with a 30 Rock joke that was funny two months ago. Maybe not so funny now. Oh well.

We are beginners at screenprinting--these are crooked and unevenly printed. But we anticipate becoming awesome and probably becoming the next big etsy stars with our new ideas. Here's what we have so far:
  • onesies with bowties/necklaces/preppy things
  • argyle dog bandanas
  • tea towels and aprons
  • shower curtains (this actually is a different business idea that we could maybe start here)
I know, awesome right? How could this one not be a huge success? Any ideas for other things we could screenprint? Socks?


  1. It's not that I am beginner at screenprinting. Just rusty.

    "No one's gonna rain on my parade!"

  2. You guys are silly. I am embarrassed that my family just has things like screenprinting screens laying around the house.

  3. Fantastic idea! I love this. I would like screenprinted oven mitts please!

  4. Good news--so far there's only one screen printed oven mitt on etsy. Thanks for finding us a new market, Jill! And Lauren, I'm grateful your family has these treasures laying around--we're having a grand time.

  5. Good luck with the tshirt company...i tried this once, but we used iron-ons....but we did have some good sayings!

  6. Are you referring to the world's most terrible pirate t-shirts of Katherine's Bachelorette party? Because I've learned a lot about "backwards" since then.


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