Wednesday, December 16

Christmas Card

Merry Christmas!

In light of my new obsession with designing blogs and photoshopping the heck out of stuff, I decided to design our Christmas card this year!

I used my favorite picture in the world, so if you poke around the blog often, you've already seen it twice. But this time, it's black and white!

My pal Kristin inspired me to join the Christmas Card Carousel featured on another blog. Basically, its an excuse to traipse through the internet and see other people's pretty designs.

Merry Christmas. I hope my baby's sweet little face reminds you that Christmas is about the sweetest baby of all.


  1. again I go to bed thinking I didn't get enough hugs and kisses from this little angel. he's the sweetest thing in my life.

  2. What a precious little one!!! GREAT card! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Absolutely adorable!!

    Thanks so much for joining in the fun! Merry CHRISTmas to you!!!

  4. I can't read your blog without an unusual combination of laughter and sadness. You mock yourself, but I think you do have some comedic genius:) And then I get sad because Finley is so absolutely adorable and I haven't gotten to meet him yet:( boo. Some of your pictures, I even think he may be cuter than Ty! Then I feel guilty for thinking that and just decide you have a better camera!!! Miss you much!


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