Sunday, December 13

Christmas Cookies

This was the last time I decorated cookies. (Jess, Al and Stine: don't be mad. It took me awhile to find these gems.)

Yes, the year was 2001, and the theme of the evening was wearing pigtails and glasses and pajamas and making hideous and burnt cookies for our friends at Westminster Woods. Take a second and look at the cookies--they really make me laugh. We even made a cookie for Jesus.

It had been eight years, and it was time to try my hand at cookie decorating again.

Saturday, we drove out west to the Woods' for their 4th Annual Cookie Extravaganza. Let me tell you, it was intense. I was a intimidated by the skill of my fellow decorators, they took their cookies very seriously. My best cookie was the Santa that I decorated as Carrie, complete with a stick baby in her jolly belly. I can't wait for little Woods to be here! (Note: I have the same haircut as I did in 2001.)

On Sunday, our bible study came over to decorate cookies, and spend some QT together. The boys were a little distracted by football, but I think everybody managed to decorate at least one cookie. Kara's pretty, pretty tree snapped in half. The cookies were so tasty, Kate is quite the frosting/cookie maker! I think more cookies were eaten than actually made it home.

And here's the whole decorating crew, with the junior decorators. Maybe next year they can help!

And Dad, don't be mad at me for taking so many pictures with the 50 mm. I took it off and tried to shoot with my other lens, and I didn't like it. Sorry.


  1. Cool Cookies. I don't do cookie cutouts because my Grandma once informed me you had to add too much flour to be able to roll out and cut them and it damaged the integrity (taste) of the cookie. I have never tested this thoery.

  2. Truth be told, I do NOT like sugar cookies. I don't see the point in eating cookies that don't have chocolate.

  3. Thats why you put M&Ms or chocolate chips on them!

  4. I want to see the photo of Santa Carrie! Gotta love 2001, good year, but actually I think those photos were taken in January 2002 right before the College/Discipleship retreat at WWoods.

  5. I think Stina is right. And as I recall, those technicolor cookies did not taste awesome. Perhaps you made them in 2001, but served them in 2002? That's what they tasted like.

  6. Good job, my eagle eyed friends. I think they were made and served in 2002, and had no excuse for being so yucky except that we did not know how to bake. And I chose not to post some of the more ridiculous ones from that night. We were weird kids.

  7. This post makes me smile.

    1. Love old pictures of our friends.
    2. Love Carrie's belly.


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