Friday, December 11

Little Baby Jesus

A couple weeks ago, my pal Kristin posted about this book her family was going through for Advent. Being the strange, mentally connected freaks that we are, Victoria and I ordered them (separately) on the same day using our Amazon Prime membership... I'm starting to think we are the same person. 11'4" of the same person.

So, Sol and I have enjoyed reading it together on the nights where I am still awake when he gets home (confession: we're about 5 days behind). So far, what has touched me the most has been thinking about Jesus as a baby.

Having a baby makes me think about so many things differently. When I want to punch the crazy 8th graders in my classroom, I stop and think about Finley being a crazy 8th grader, and I remember that they are somebody's little baby. And most of the time, I don't punch them. (Kidding! I never punch 8th graders. Only 7th graders. Ha! Another kidding! I'm hilarious.)

But seriously, when I think about God sending his Son into this world to save us, it makes me wonder if I could take my only son and send him somewhere foreign, knowing full well how much abuse he would have to endure. I don't think I could do it. It fills me with awe to think of how greatly God loves us and how much he was willing to sacrifice to redeem us. It's a good thing that God is more loving than me.

And now I will leave you with someone else who likes Baby Jesus, as well.

As my friend Rhonda always says, Jesus is the reason for the season. Don't forget it.


  1. The baby Jesus prayer is my favorite part of that movie! Baby Jesus is a good one, after spending a week with kids, I wonder what 5 yr old Jesus would have been like. I bet he wouldn't have argued and fought with a brother.

  2. good little post, rachel! have fun with my family this weekend!

  3. Amen to that! What a blessing we have in Jesus.
    I love reading your blog!
    Oh and as you may have already noticed, my blog has not been updated in 2 years...sad. We may reenter the blog world though...

  4. funny--i ordered the book to after reading the blog.

  5. Stine-- did you see I picked out the clean version? What about 8th grade Jesus? I bet he would do his homework.

    Lauren-- thanks for sharing them! Want to run the Pittsburgh Half? May 2?

    Michelle-- start it back up! So fun!

    Carrie-- weird. We are 1 brain in 3 bodies then. See you TOMORROW!

  6. That's funny. I wrote your Christmas card a few days ago, and I might have included my favorite phrase:) Baby J tis the reason!


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