Tuesday, December 8

My Budding Technophile

I'm not sure how he knows, but Finley's favorite things to hold/chew on are the things I really don't want him to have... power cords, keyboards and mouse, cameras and cell phones. He loves them. I'm not sure how he differentiates between his toys and the "grown-up" toys, but he definitely knows.

Yesterday he found BOTH of my lens caps... they were in different parts of the room, amongst his toys, so I'm not sure how he located both of them. He was determined to get them both in his mouth at the same time. He scooted around the floor carrying his booty. Silly kid.

And to tie up my diatribe on commenting... I've really loved hearing from more people and as a result, I am committing myself to replying to comments posted. Rather than the blog being simply a window to our lives, the comment discussion allows the blog to be a door that you can enter. It's so much more fun to feel like the blog gives me a relationship with the people who read it.

So, know that if you ever comment, I will respond. Because I love you like that. Unless we haven't met, in which case I'm sure you are a very lovely person, and if I met you I would like you very much.


  1. Maybe FINLEY is where all my lens caps keep going!

  2. I just discovered Finley's mouthmark on my lens when Jame sand I were taking photos this weekend. I almost didn't want to wipe it off and then I gave in for the sake of the photo.

  3. Just another blog is Lilias. I opened a blog but have not done anything with it and it seems to only want to let me comment under my blog name

  4. I'm sure you've mentioned it in a previous blog, but I have to ask because I love your pics so much - what kid of camera are you using? It helps you to take some awesome photos (I'm a "snapshot" person w/a little point-and-shoot right now, but would like to eventually move up) -- and I know it doesn't hurt to have such a beautiful baby to look at through the lens :)

  5. Our nephew Micah has the same affinity for all things techy. My personal opinion is that he's starting to know what exactly will get a reaction out of people - especially mom and dad. If a cell phone or computer cord is used by them all the time, he knows he'll get attention if he goes for it too. Not so much attention gotten for playing with the baby toys.

  6. Vic--I wouldn't put it past him. He's a sneak.

    Lili-- I assumed that was you, I couldn't think of any other cameras that Finley has slobbered on lately. Are you going to start blogging???!

    Mel-- I use the Canon Rebel XT (same as Court) and shoot a lot with a 50mm 1.8 lens. The nice camera makes me take more pictures. Rachel=obsessed.

    Al-- I think you are right! Maybe I should start playing with his toys and then he'll think they are cooler. He's pretty smart.

  7. He's his mother's child!

    We have the same camera and lens but my pictures are a long ways from yours.

  8. Since I don't have a blog, I will offer some photography advice here on Rach's based on her photos. My first piece is to take note of what it is you like about her photos and then mimic it. Or look through your photos and see which you think are best, and why. Chances are you like the ones that are zoomed in more with the subject filling up the frame. Something else you probably like is when the subject is off-center. Though this can be overdone, it is typically a good choice. And lastly, something you may not realize about Rach's photos but are attracted to is the fact that she shots almost exclusively without a flash. This gives her photos a more natural look without harsh shadows. Shoot away! Photography is art for the masses!


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