Sunday, December 6

The Lighting of the Tree

Victoria won us tickets to go see the National Christmas Tree be lit (lighted???) and it was oodles of fun. The weather wasn't as cold as it could have been, which was good because Sol did not make it down there with a coat. As you can tell, he had to borrow Victoria's.

See that kid on the shoulders of some dude blocking our view of the tree? That kid is probably 6 and is perched on a normal sized man. For most of the time, DIRECTLY in front of us was a huge man with a 12 year old on his shoulders. So I did not see much of the show. Also because I am short.

Here are four of Finley's reactions to some of the special guests at the ceremony.

I was so excited hear the voice of one of my closest friends, Mr. Randy Jackson. We weren't sure if it was him for a long time because he didn't say, "For you, for me, that was kind of pitchy, dawg." Also, we have confirmed that our son is a Republican. He cried real tears when ole Obama came out. We are trying to make sure he understands that it is important to respect the President no matter what, but babies are hard to reason with. In summary, Finn was thrilled with Randy, scared of Obama, in awe of Santa and pretty much in love with Miss Sparks. The face of a child says so much... especially the mouth part.

Thanks to all of you who left me a comment on the last post. I responded to all the comments, so if you left a comment you can go back and feel the love very much returned. I read somewhere that 3-4% of readers leave comments... and that's true for here. According to Google Reader and Google Analytics, there are approximately 100 people stopping by everyday, and I normally get about 3 comments if I write something interesting. I'm trying not to beg, but I really love to get responses to what I write. Sometimes I feel like I am spewing my thoughts into thin air. So don't be afraid to tell the blog you love it. I promise, I won't let it get a big head.


  1. I'm still looking for a stuffed donkey for Finley's Christmas present. And you should know when you aren't around I sing him songs like this, "We love O-B-A-M-A." So he probably started crying because he thought you were going to leave annnnnnnd he'd have to listen to me sing. Not necessarily a sign of a Republican.

  2. Okay, I will endeavor to respond to each post.

    Jordan Sparks? Who is that and why do you push the name on your cute son?

    The tree looks cool. Next time take a step stool I guess. And was Victoria cold? Did Sol not take a jacket to work?

  3. hello, i read your blog everyday ... or at least check to see if it was updated the night before. I check all of my favorite blogs the first 20-30 mins of work everyday. can you say productive! keep em' coming.

  4. I LOVE all the facial expressions - so funny! I also love his Ushanka (I had to google that word...but I think it is right...)

  5. When I was babysitting Finley, I only had enough time to teach him one important lesson; so it was either how to crawl or the intricacies of the US political system. So it's probably my fault that politicians make him cry.

  6. Vic-- I'm interested to hear this OBAMA song.

    Stine-- Jordin Sparks? American Idol winner? Pretty sure you were in the USA for that one. And truth be told, I forgot Sol's jacket. He doesn't wear one to work, don't ask me why.

    Anne-- Oh man, I spend about that much time reading blogs too. It's so fun to feel like you are a part of someone's day. Thanks for coming by!

    Jess-- Nice vocab! I did not know that was what the hat was called. Finley's has little ears on the top, so I don't know if that changes thing...

    Laura-- Yeah crawling was probably the better option for the time being. We can catch him up on politics over Christmas.

  7. p.s. I need you and Victoria to pimp my blog.

  8. I like stats....I like numbers. How cool that 100 folks frequent your blog daily!!!! Just found a book called "what I talk about when I talk about running" by Haruki Murakami. He is a conflicted soul who loves to run marathons and write. Sounds like your kindred spirit. Book goes in the mail tomorrow.

  9. Al-- dude, we are ready to rock your blogs. I love how many friends I have blogging now!

    Mom-- I am a big data nerd. I love to look at all the stats. I've had visitors from 47 of the states! And I'm excited for the book! Thanks!

  10. So, if I read between the lines of your blog correctly I got these messages:
    1. Victoria had no trouble seeing the show.
    2. True friends not only read blogs, but post comments.
    3. Pedo-politics are important at an increasingly young age. One of my nephews seemed to expose his socialist views with his comment at Thanksgiving dinner that he wished everything was free. Another informed me after the last election that Obama was a bad man because he stole money from people like my parents and gives it to lazy people.

  11. Court! You are funny and correct on all 3 points. I love your nephews comments, I can't even imagine what will happen with Finley starts talking. Yikes. And also, come visit me.


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