Monday, January 25

Busy Boy

This pulling up thing has really began to crowd Finley's schedule--there is just so much to do.

He has to make sure all of his toys are ok in their box, he has to knock everything off the coffee table and he has to crawl and stand up in our laps and generally be in the middle of anything that is going on.

I love it.


  1. I love it. And him. And his baby hoodies.

  2. AWESOME. I want one, but Tom says "No." Can I just have yours?

  3. That is such a perfect play sequence, taking the animals out of the box like that!! The therapist in me loves that!

  4. Vic--I know.

    Tara--I'm working on a rental program... you can check him out on an hourly basis.

    Jennie--I'm glad you enjoy it. It's so cute to watch him "work"!


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