Sunday, January 24

Waiting for a baby to come out of the Woods

The title of this post is funny if you know my friend Carrie. Because she is like 48 weeks pregnant. And her last name is Woods. She has officially become the authority on pregnancy amongst my friends, because she has been pregnant longer than either Hillary or I.

We traveled out to Charlottesville to see the Woods family yesterday, and try to encourage their little one to be born by bringing his mommy a tasty treat.

If I were a baby, I would crawl out of the womb for some Carlos O'Kelly's queso. For real, I would, I love it. Carrie, please name your baby Carlos, after the best cheese dip and the best character in the Hangover.

Also, we are trying raise Finley as a cultured young man, so Sol practiced feeding Finley his puffs with chopsticks. A fun time was had by all.


  1. Umm...Could your family be ANY cuter?!?!?! Seriously. Your little guy should probably be on a Gerber jar. No lie.

  2. Between last night and today we have polished off one batch of queso. Obviously, no luck in coaxing him out yet.


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