Wednesday, January 13

Family Pictures

We had family pictures taken over Christmas Break. There were so many great ones and I had a hard time choosing a few to share. As I go through them, I might pick a few more to put up.

If you've known me for awhile, this picture may be shocking because my family has changed. Dan and Ben are HUGE high schoolers and there is a new baby, new boyfriend for Laura and the same husband for me.

And if you've known me for awhile, this picture will not be shocking because my family has NOT changed--we've always been a bit strange.

Can you tell which members of my family are not thrilled with the mandatory Snuggie picture? Our photographer thought we were crazy.

My wedding photographer somehow LOST all the pictures of my family from our wedding--so I think I'll just put the Snuggie picture in the old wedding album. I could be wearing a wedding dress under all the pink fleece.


  1. Dad looks as if he is begging someone to shoot him, putting him out of his misery. What's not to is a blanket with sleeves. :-)

  2. Your dad does look miserable. NOTE: I also wore that BR sweater in family Christmas photos.

  3. Was the snuggie one of your famous grimmer "family presents"?

  4. Mom--Yes... Dad grumbled about participating. But secretly he loved it.

    Vic--The sweater is lovely and so slimming. I'm glad we both own it.

    Stine--The "Family Presents" this year were Snuggies and Remote Control Helicopters. Copper wanted to eat the helicopters so bad.

  5. Note: I wore that sweater on christmas day as well! :) I love BR!

  6. Well we think that the Grimmers are the best kind of crazy - the loveable kind! The snuggies picture is a classic -who needs those wedding photos when you can have snuggies!

  7. Love the photos! What a good lookin' family.

  8. Love the family pictures, would love to have one of the three of you that you have posted : o )....


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