Monday, January 11

A New Pose

Someone learned to pull to standing.

Also, we learned that Finley is not a "never-nude".

There was a split vote in the house as to whether this picture needed to be censored... click on the image if you need to see the unadulterated image. He's got pretty sweet cheeks.


  1. I voted for no censor. He's such a cutie.

  2. Love the "never-nude" reference...sigh...I miss AD.

  3. This is a fantastic scene. I definitely vote for no censor - it's just too cute to cover that tushy.

  4. So cute! This looks like it could be a postcard or a birthday card that says something like: "It's your birthday, party in your birthday suit."

  5. I agree Jess--I need to send that to Hallmark and start raking in the big bucks. And I'm glad to hear the support for no censor (and AD)!

  6. The best part of a baby is their little sweet cheeks. But for his future political career, it was wise to censor mama!


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