Saturday, January 9

Why Blogging is Cool

So a couple days ago, I discovered this. Yep, it's my old xanga site, a precursor to my blogging career. I used it for about a year from November 2004 then November 2005... and it's kind of embarrassing. I'm not sure why I am choosing to humiliate myself in plain view of the internet.

The first thing I thought of when I re-found it was, I am a FREAK. What in the world was I doing?

My second thought was, Oh no... in a few years I am going to look back at this blog and say, "Man, I am a FREAK."

And then my third thought was, Why in the world did I stop? It was fun to read about when I first got that "facebook thing" and my love of Gilmore Girls. But I want to know more--what happened in December 2005? I wrote a few things about my first year of teaching, and I am really sad that all the precious details and memories from that year are pretty much lost to me.

And then my fourth thought was, well thank goodness for this blog. Some of the things I write that are important to me now would be lost without this record of them--and what a tragedy it would be to not remember how sweet it is to feel Finley's warm fingers on my face as he falls asleep. Or how excited we were when he first was able to grab a toy.

So even though every post may not be riveting, or filled with darling pictures, it's our story. And I'm so happy that I'll have this record of the beginning of our family.

Two Final Thoughts:
1. YOU should start a blog. You'll thank yourself later. Let me know if you need design help.
2. Sol got me a gift certificate here for Christmas, which makes the blog an even more tangible record of our lives. It's cool.

Bloggie love, Rachel.


  1. Don't be a blogsnob and despise your xanga beginnings. No matter where you blog, you are still a freak.

    and I love you.

  2. I miss the days when Alison was around to call us freak too. Hearing it only from you isn't enough sometimes.

  3. Yeah, Al, could you get that blog going so we can tag-team tease Victoria? I function better with you.

  4. I don't recall you ever having a xanga site, so went and perused it. I also don't recall ever catching you a delicious bass.

    Plus, I want my dollar.


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