Thursday, February 25


Victoria watched Finley during bible study last night, and when I got home I needed a snack. (Because I always need a snack.) Luckily, she had made some tasty S'mores brownies. I chatted with her for a few minutes then said, "I got to go get some milk and ice cream." Victoria replied, somewhat saddened, "But I made brownies!" To which I replied, "I KNOW. That's why I'm getting ice cream."

I heated up my brownie, put some ice cream on it, and as I was putting the milk away, something caught my eye. Cream cheese frosting. I scooped a dollop on top of my snack and 700 calories later, I was ready to eat.

(I work hard to be able to eat this much. Feeding Finley and marathon training burns somewhere around 7000 extra calories a week.)

Anyone else buy frosting with no intention of using it to ice a cake? Because that can was bought for for the sole purpose of snacking.

Sol and Victoria, I am sorry that you have to live with my voracious appetite. I hope you can experience the joy of eating with abandon through me.

And post-marathon and post-breastfeeding Rachel... you have to stop eating so much. You have a quadruple chin. And your people are telling Finley "Yo mama's so fat..." jokes. It's sad.


  1. Yo' mama's so fat, she ate Goliath for breakfast and then said, "what's next?"

  2. so jealous you can eat that much...although not wanting to run a marathon to burn it off either!

  3. Rachel - I think i gained 6 pounds just reading that entry. Thanks.

  4. mmmm. . .s'mores brownies with ice cream and frosting sounds so tastey!

  5. Frosting and graham crackers :) Thanks for the inspiration, I'm adding that to my grocery list. Also, thanks for reminding me about the 500 extra calories, I forget about that sometimes!


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