Wednesday, February 24

He Escaped... Into the Mountains...

Occasionally, Finley will sit on my lap and let me love him and act like a sweet little boy.

But most of the time, he has too much to do. He doesn't have time to sit and be doted on by me. He has dog food to eat and electrical outlets to discover and knives to crawl with. And so he escapes. Often.

Also, I don't know why I am making weird faces in these pictures. Most of the time if I am making a weird face, it is intentional. This time, it is not. I guess my face is just weird.

(Vic and Al, the title is for you. Name that Homestar Runner video.)


  1. I wasn't looking at your face till you said it. That kid is cute.

    Check it out. Check it out. Check it out.

    Four drinks for four cool guys.

  2. Hooray for putting two socks on your kid this time. But where are your socks?

  3. Lauren-- one thing at a time. It's real hard to be a mom.

  4. C-U-T-E. That kid has personality. Love it.

  5. Just drinkin some drinks by the stick...


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