Monday, February 15

I LOVE Google Reader

It seems appropriate that to celebrate Valentine's Day I would post about something I love, and that is Google.

I'm still testing the waters on the whole Google Buzz thing, but I am head over heels for Google Reader and have been for awhile.

If you aren't using Google Reader, I will teach you about it real quick. And I will also teach you about an advanced Reader trick. (Because I am a teacher and today I am at school with no students... so I need to teach something. It's in my blood.)

Setting up Reader
1. You need a Google account--it will make you cool and will make your life easier.

2. When you are in Gmail (or any Google ap) click READER.

3. To add all your favorite blogs, click ADD A SUBSCRIPTION.

4. Every time you check your email, just click reader to view all your fabulous blogs. Your life will never be the same. I've converted many to Google Reader, and everyone has been sad that they were missing it so long.

And now for you Advanced Google Reader-ers. Here's my new fancy trick that I love... the NEXT button. As a blog design aficionado, it's a little sad to just see the text of a blog and miss out on the pretty designs. And you can't leave a comment through reader which also makes me sad. So here's your quick way to get to visit all updated blogs at their actual sites...

The Next Button
1. In Google Reader, click SETTINGS then READER SETTINGS.

2. Click GOODIES.

3. Drag that NEXT button to your toolbar.

4. At any moment in your internet-ing, click on the next button that is now in your toolbar, and it will take you to your first unread blog. Then when you click it again, it will go to the next unread site. And when there are no more unread sites, there is a funny surprise. I'm not going to tell you, because its kinda fun.

**Note: I can't be held responsible for things I write after having a large Dunkin Donuts iced coffee. I feel like screaming like "David After Dentist". And then throwing up.***


  1. Dear Tech-Saavy Rach,
    how do I get it to delete all the other things that it automatically signed me up for? There are a gazillion subscriptions on there that I don't want to sort through every day.

  2. Hmmm. Amy - if Rach doesn't beat me to answering go to "manage subscriptions." It's at the bottom - that happened to me once and it is tricky!

  3. I kind of just like Google Homepage. I get to see when all of the blogs I read are updated and I get to enjoy their pretty designs. And comment.I mean, why would I want to read a blog post as an E-mail (in looks), when I can read it as a pretty web site?

  4. Amy--did you figure it out? I don't understand how you got a gazillion unwanted subscriptions...

    Tara--tell me more about Google Homepage. How can you see the blogs?

    Kat--she's 2nd Mondays of the month. Sorry to disappoint.

  5. Rachel, the only reason one would not want to use google reader is that he/she would have to admit all the blogs that he/she stalks... meaning, I would have to "subscribe" which means I could no longer pretend that I don't read them! :) Also, I have liked google buzz because it is super simple to read blogs while checking e-mail at work. I now see another bonus of reader, though, as I could do the same with that! Thanks for the tips.

  6. Okay Rachel, you inspired me to start for real using google reader. A couple of comments. Sort by magic? What does that mean? And it kinds of creeped me out when I saw that three people were following me! Vic is one of them! But thanks for the step by step. It was very helpful!

  7. Best blog reading advice ever!!! Thanks for the tips!

  8. Caroline--Yeah, the issue with buzz is getting blogs twice... a little annoying. The number of subscriptions I have is climbing to an embarassing number. :(

    Abbey--I have no idea what sort by magic is. I keep trying to figure it out and can't!

    Katie--Yay! I'm glad I am enabling your habit.


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