Wednesday, February 17

I LOVE the Garmin

I think I may have mentioned my love for data before. I really like numbers and looking at graphs. It's why I think Google Analytics is so cool. And why I teach math--I'm trying to inspire young minds to see beauty in mathematics.

My love for data dovetails so nicely with my favorite running accessory, the Garmin Forerunner 305. If you run semi-seriously, the Garmin is for you. I recommend the model I linked to above, the newer model is a sleeker and smaller--but also harder to read. Even though the 305 is like running with a computer strapped to your arm (I kid, it's not that big) it is really worth it. It's pretty cheap at Amazon, and if you tell them I sent you, they'll give you a discount! (Kidding again, they don't care.)

The Forerunner has tons of features I don't use, but here are my favorites:
  • When looking at the main display, it clearly displays your time, pace and miles run. And heart rate, in size 4 font.
  • If you get lost, it will show you directions how to get home.
  • You can set it to stop timing when you stop running--no pausing your watch to tie your shoe, it does it for you!
  • It beeps every mile. I pretend it's saying, "Great job Rach! You're pretty and I love you!"
  • You can set alerts to beep if you go too fast or slow, and if your heart rate is too high or low.
  • My favorite program, Sport Tracks, analyzes the data and shows you all sorts of cool stuff.
Here's what Sport Tracks will do.

It takes your run and shows you the graph of where you have been. This past Saturday, my pal Jenni and I went for a run in DC. It was the only place we could find where there were mildly shoveled sidewalks. Aside from the joy I get from being able to retrace my steps on the computer screen, it was a super fun run. We leaped over mountains of snow, ran a mile and a half through barely traveled snowy paths and each only fell down once. It was SO fun to get out and enjoy the snow.

Sport Tracks also will show you your mile splits. The mile we ran through high snow? Yeah, it was slow. The mile we ran on a road with the wind? Yep, it was fast.

You can also look at graphs of your speed vs. elevation, pace vs. heart rate or any other combination you can think of. So much fun to play with!

In short, I am a nerd and you should go buy a Forerunner if you like to run. If you have one or a similar device feel free to comment on it below--I really don't know anything about any other brand.


  1. I am madly in love with my Forerunner! My GU Chomps are very jealous about it.

  2. how do you get it to know you stopped to tie your shoe, etc.? i haven't used the heart rate monitor yet. maybe i'll try it out on saturday.

  3. I thought of you when my mom mentioned a book by a guy who ran across the country. He took notes everyday and then wrote a book about his experience. Let me know if you're interested and I'll try to get the name of the book and author.

  4. Also, sometimes rachel runs with her friend victoria on treadmills at the gym. No garmin necessary.

  5. i hate math; it makes me break out into hives and i have to stay in bed for a week. but my post-baby body thanks you for blogging about Forerunner - my love handles are going to buy it now.

  6. Stephanie--those Chomps are delish too--have you tried the Luna ones?

    Lauren--I do not remember. I will figure it out and email you. It's bunch of buttons you have to press...

    Ally--I'd love the name of the book! That sounds fun.

    Vic--the treadmill is dangeresque. Modern Fam is just tooooo funny.

    Hillary--your love handles will thank you. Luckily, it does all the math for you, so no hives!


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