Saturday, February 20

Sol LOVES the Olympics

Some Sol quotes from our Olympic viewing...
"I bet those hamsters are fat." (From the Kia Soul commercial.)
"Is Michael J Fox Canadian?" (From the commercial about how awesome Canada is.)
"Francois, that's a really Canadian name." (About any guy name Francois)
"That guy is freakin' ripped, man." (In reference to Ryan Reynolds.)
"Let's go USA!" (All the time.)
On what sport he would want to participate in... "Downhill. Gravity--everything else looks like it's so much work."

He is hypnotized by the games--he loves the "triumph of the human spirit." I love this picture of him sitting in front of the TV (watching FIGURE SKATING) like a 6 year old boy. He just can't tear himself away. And I can't really blame him--I get all choked up after watching any sport for more than a minute or two. I just love to watch people win--even when I have no idea who they are or the rules of their sport. Winning is just fun.


  1. He looks like that scene from Forrest Gump when Forrest meets his love child.

  2. Too bad Sol and Tom don't live near each other, they are kindred spirits when it comes to the Olympics.

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