Monday, February 1

RV Designs Kick-Off!

Today is the big day!

We're officially kicking things off over at RV Designs! Over the past few months, our friends have been kind enough to allow us to hone our photoshop and html skills on their blogs. We've gotten pretty good and are ready to take our show on the road (... like an RV... get it?)

To kick off our debut, we are giving away prizes! Prizes are the best way to trick people into coming to your blog and participating in the madness. Here's what you can win:
  • A signed Pioneer Woman Cookbook (signed by the Pioneer Woman... not us, but we can sign if you like!)
  • A darling coin purse and bag from Knitty Bitties (our new fave etsy shop)
  • A $15 Shutterfly coupon (because the best kinds of pictures are the ones in your hands)
All the details are over at RV Designs, as well as your daily picture of my child. Head on over there and enter for your chance to win some free goodies.

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