Tuesday, February 2

Best Friends

Finley really loves Calvin.

I mean, he REALLY loves Calvin.

He loves to pat Calvin's head. He loves to touch Calvin's face. He loves to rock Calvin in his carseat. He loves to poke Calvin's eyes.

Sometimes Finley's love hurts. We're working on being gentle.

Finley gets real sad when Calvin leaves every day (which makes me sad because... well... Mommy's home. He's supposed to be happy!) It's so cute to watch him interact with Calvin. We're excited for the day when Calvin figures out how his arms work and can fend off Finley.

***Regarding the giveaway on RV Designs... there was some confusion on how to enter. You can leave up to three comments to enter up to three times. (Math Alert: more comments = better chance of winning.) Comment #1 is just to say hi, comment #2 is for being a follower, and comment #3 is for spreading the word via facebook, twitter or a blog post. Winners will be randomly selected Sunday (by Finley). Thanks for your support as we try to take the blogging world by storm.***



  1. When I saw the title of this post, I naturally assumed it was going to be about me.

  2. Simmer down girls, there's enough Rach to go around.

  3. Love hands Finley, love hands.

  4. Challenge accepted Frenemie. What do you suggest?

  5. 1. Live with Rachel.
    2. Watch her baby on Thursday nights.
    3. Start a business with Rachel.
    4. Love her unconditionally.


  6. How about a poll (like in the old days)? I vote Courtney.

    Also, I can't get over that last picture of Calvin, SO FUNNY! It may be one of my top ten favorite pics of the year!

  7. Stine--yep, that's his dazed look after Finley assaulted his poor eyeballs.

    Court and Vic--I think the only way to settle this is for Courtney to visit and then we can have a Rachel trivia contest.

    Maya--we're working on having sweet, loving hands. It's not going well.

  8. 1. Live in the best city in the US (Boston) with Rachel.
    2. Know Rachel the longest.
    3. Be the same height.
    4. Most votes in this comment section.
    5. Love her unconditionally...until her taste in TV shows goes awry.


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