Wednesday, February 3


Caution: If you are unaware of how babies are fed, and would like to stay in the dark about this particular phenomenon, then you should stop reading.

I'm serious. I'm going to talk about lactation. Breastfeeding. This your chance to jump ship.

Don't say I didn't warn you... (Seriously, if you would like to remain ignorant of the finer points of baby feeding, go spend a few minutes here. And then come back tomorrow when I talk about something else. Probably poop.)

So I had a baby. Finley. If you been here a while, you may have seen a picture or a zillion of him. Before he was born, lots of people asked me if I was going to breastfeed. And I said, "yes" because I didn't realize that it was a big decision to make. Breastfeeding has had its ups and downs, but on the whole I am SO glad I decided to go with it. I could wax on about why I think it is so great--but it boils down to two things for me.
  1. Everyday of breastfeeding = running about 5 or 6 miles. Breastfeeding and marathoning has brought me down to a weight that I haven't seen since high school. And I eat a TON. I am not a fun person to eat with because I eat EVERYTHING. I realize that eventually this has to change or I will get real fat, real fast. But I sure am enjoying it now. (WHERE ARE MY COOKIES VICTORIA???)
  2. It's best for Finley and me. Not only does it keep him healthy and strong, its a special time for us. No matter what is going on or where we are, I get to take a break and have some time that is just him and me. And he touches my face and plays with my hair while he eats; it melts my heart of stone.
But here is the real reason I am writing about breastfeeding.

Yesterday, I FedExed roughly 600 ounces of breastmilk to the WakeMed Mother's Milk Bank. A few months back I realized that I lactate like a superhero and my child eats like... the opposite of a superhero, or something. I would pump between 10 and 15 ounces at work, and he would eat about 3. My deep freeze filled up rapidly and it needed to go because there was no room for ice cream. I couldn't stand to throw it out, so I began researching where I could donate it. My first couple of choices weren't accepting more milk, only money. Unfortunately, my body has not figured out how to produce cash, so I kept looking. I stumbled upon WakeMed--they use the milk for preemies and sick babies--and after filling out lots of forms and having some blood taken (the pain!!!) I finally got to ship away most of the precious milk. It feels so great to know that I am doing something to help little sick babies. Kind of like when I donated my hair--maybe I'll donate my kidneys next!

I am amazed at how there was this whole field of knowledge of about breastfeeding that I had NO idea about until Finley came along. I didn't even know enough before Finley to know that I knew nothing. It's been a wonderful adventure so far--and I'd be happy to talk to anyone who wants to chat about it! Breastfeeding can be tricky and it works best when there are other women to talk to about it. (Thanks to all of the friends who answered questions for me when I needed help!)

That is it. I apologize if I offended anyone. But I warned you. :)


  1. Rachel...
    I think you are funny and your baby is cute...and I am bored at work. So I am your new blog stalker. I wanted to let you know that I forwarded this post on to my breastfeeding crazed mom. She is a lactation consultant and breastfed 7 kids. Ashamed, I own the record at 3.5 yrs.

    Anyways congrats on sending off such a great gift.

  2. Nice work momma. That is soooo cool that you can send your breast milk to a good cause.

  3. Rachel you ROCK. That's so amazing of you- I love reading you blog!:)

  4. 600 oz is pretty amazing. I need to look into doing something similar. My freezer is full and I'm pumping enough.

  5. My favorite pic is the first one. Also, get your own cookies.

  6. Wahoo!! Yay for milk. You should add my blog to your list of fav blogs on the side. I probably can't compete with Court and Vic (mostly because I don't watch any TV shows that you watch- which seems to be key)- but my blog is still awesome.

  7. That's totally cool. yes, i did read it :) I guess I'm not afraid of that kind of topic... who knows! Love RV designs website.

  8. My favorite quote, I think, ever: "I lactate like a superhero." First of all, I don't know of any other superheros that do, so that is definitely your own, very special, power. Second, I'm glad you have room for ice cream in the freezer now. We have Blue Bunny Peanut Butter Panic in ours, and I think about you each time I open the freezer door. Seriously.

  9. You really do lactate like a superhero. If Kate knew, she'd be sad that you weren't her mom. I've always loved the concept of donating b-milk, but then I lactated like a loser non-superhero :), so my dreams of donations were over. Proud of you!

  10. Thanks for all the feedback, friends! You guys make me laugh.


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