Friday, February 5

TV Time

Time to talk about my favie... TV!!! And consider yourself warned, again, that I am about to humiliate myself by disclosing how much TV I actually watch. But in my defense, I watch a lot of it while I am at work (um, maybe that's not a good admission either) and sometimes while I run (which is slightly dangerous).

LOST. How I missed you. You truly are the best show in the world, and that means something because I watch a lot of shows. It had been so long that I was confused (I mean, more confused than LOST already makes me, which is A LOT) about what was going on. And my heart BROKE that they killed Juliet twice. Poor, poor Sawyer. I will name my next child Sawyer to make up for it. Or Sayid. Or Desmond.

The Office. Last week, NOT OK to do a clip show. Not ok at all. This week, David Wallace is cracking me up.

Big Love. I love the new credits and I love Ben and Margene--cradle robbing is more accepting than polygamy in my book. But Bill Henrickson, you need stop being so terrible.

Community. Joel McHale is my favorite person on twitter and I think he is HI-larious. And, please I want to be friends with Abed and Troy. And the Jack Black episode was so so good.

Modern Family. For several weeks in a row, Modern Family has made me laugh so hard that I worried I was going to fall off my treadmill. It's dangerously funny. Also, Phil=Sol.

Brothers and Sisters. Such a good show. Always so full of drama, it makes my life seem so simple.

American Idol. I have only been watching lightly thus far, but enough for me to come to the startling realization that rather than audition for Idol to get close to Ryan Seacrest, I need someone else to audition so I can stand outside and talk to Ryan. It's my only hope.

The Mentalist. I love Simon Baker's floppy hair and sneaky smile. He's so great. And the show is smart and always very tricky. Love it.

Psych. The other crime-y show I watch. So silly and sometimes make fun of The Mentalist. Like.

HIMYM. The Suit Song was the highlight of the season. I bought it on iTunes and sing it almost as much as the tiger song from The Hangover.

30 Rock. I love Liz and Jack. I want to go to there.

Grey's Anatomy.
I'm getting lukewarm about this show... it's been going on for what feels like forever. But I just can't dump it. And I think Cristina and Owen are awesome.

Ugly Betty. RIP, my friend. I'm glad they will have time to wrap up the show, it's been entertaining and deserves a proper farewell.

Big Bang Theory. I just started watching this because my geeky brothers told me to. And I'm glad they did. BAZINGA!

Chuck. I also just started watching this, because I am trying to watch as many geek shows as possible. But Chuck is just too cute--like a geeky Jim Halpert.

Parenthood. I haven't actually seen this show, but I like the commercials and I looooooooove Lauren Graham.

Missing: Gossip Girl, Glee, SYTYCD. Hurry back, friends.

Yep, that's a lot of tv. I'm super efficient. And ashamed.


  1. Hmmm. I watch almost every show you mentioned. Plus a few more I don't care to disclose at this time. Phil=Sol.

  2. WOAH!! That is ALOT of TV, but I probably watch just as much, if not more;) I didn't know that Ugly Betty is ending..Sad!

  3. This list makes me feel better about myself. I am not alone in my TV love - PLUS, with DVR, I waste so much less time watching tv, because I only watch what I want and without commercials! :) bazinga!

  4. Vic--we should recount and see what our damage is.

    Katie--I am sad about Betty, but at least they are cancelling it early enough that they can tie everything up nicely. I'll miss everyone though... that sounds pathetic.

    Paige--I'm glad I could help you justify your habits. And you are right, DVR is quite the enabler.

  5. Watching TV online is an enabler too. Wow, that is quite the list. Of those, we watch Lost (but it's been a while), the Office, Community, Psych, (we quit on Ugly Betty), and Chuck. Also, have you seen Castle or Lie to Me?

  6. And what is this twitter? Matthew and I are afraid to find out, because we are afraid we'd have to do it!

  7. HOW IS THE SNOW?!?!!? I want a blog post all about it!!

  8. You absolutely should be ashamed. :)

  9. You need a spoiler warning on that post girlie! I'm still in the middle of Lost season 3!


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