Saturday, February 6

Snowtorious BIG

My favorite part of the storm so far has been the names people are calling it on twitter... snowpocalypse, kaiser snowze, snowmg, snowmageddon... people are creative and twitter is ridiculous.

I tried to take series of photos to show the snow accumulation. Problems: changing lighting and 9 months old who bumps the tripod. Here is my best effort. (It gets better at about 15 seconds.)

And it's still snowing. Stay tuned for more riveting posts from inside my house: we're not going anywhere.

...last chance to enter the giveaway at RV Designs. We have had an amazing turnout--so make sure you enter all three times for the best chance of winning. Finley will be picking a winner tomorrow!


  1. Very cool!! Well, the photos are...not the massive amounts of snow. I'm gonna put on my flip flops and head outside to the 60 degree weather now...bye!

  2. You do cool things without me. Showing the video to my family.

  3. Cool video. The snow...not so cool!

  4. That is A LOT of snow! Cool video!

  5. I love how the dogs just appear out of no where and are gone just a quickly. Very cool. I would send you some of the AZ sunshine if I could.


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