Sunday, February 7


I don't think we're going anywhere. School is canceled for tomorrow, and I don't see how we would are going to be able to get out of the house Tuesday either. And there is another storm coming. We'll be going to school until July. And I think our cars look like hippos. Sol decided to walk to the 7-11 to get provisions for the Superbowl since we can't drive yet. The jury is still out on whether that was a good idea.

Being snowed in has its perks, but I NEEEED to go run. And shower. Or at least change out of the pajamas I put on a couple days ago. Please don't judge me.

The upside of being snowed in?

This guy. (Courtney, this was the best smile I could get for you. He's just real busy.)


  1. Hippos? I think rhinos. "I'm in CHARGE around here."

    That quote is from Finley's pajamas that I HEART.

    Also, good thing you are blogging with pics of Finley bc Jill M. is going to love that one.

  2. I am stuck too...but Ryan and I ventured out for the LONGEST walk to Safeway...took us an hour but by car it would take three minutes! :)Be safe and have a fun snow day tomorrow! Have you played in it yet?

  3. Thanks for the smiling pic, it calms for diagnostician radar for developmental disorders. And it's cute.

    I wish I was snowed in. They are predicting 2-4 inches tomorrow, which means it's not enough to stay home from work, but enough to make driving the 30 miles take twice as long.


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