Monday, February 8

Introducing... Mondays with Mom

My sister recently started a blog, and she and I decided that we should have my mom periodically pop over to share her wisdom with the blogging world. She doesn't have the time to keep up a blog of her own, so the second Monday of the month you can find her here! Take it away, mom...

Thanks to Rachel and Laura for inviting me to be a guest blogger on their awesome blogs. It has taken me a week to decide on a topic. I came up with four possible topics…..
  • A tribute to our feet (and the need for regular pedicures)
  • The 8 minute and 22 second rule (which is the length of time that the average person can wait patiently)
  • The joy of doing first time stuff when you are 49 years old
  • The art of compromise in a 28.75 year old marriage
And the decision is… the joy of doing first time stuff when you are 49 years old.
Nothing makes you feel more alive than trying something new. You absolutely can teach an old dog new tricks.

Cases in point…

July – I jumped fully clothed (in dressy work clothes) into a swimming pool with a friend. It successfully erased the drama of a bad day at work. For the briefest of moments, when I was airborne with Amy at my side, I considered the insanity of my choice and was delighted to be doing something insane. Afterwards, I went to the grocery store (dripping wet) and smiled confidently at the folks that stared. The jump in the pool and the subsequent drippy trip to the grocery store, were both firsts for me.

August – I took off on a solo adventure to experience the world’s longest yard sale. It started in Gadsden, Alabama and stretches 650 miles ending in Ohio. I covered about 50 miles of the yard sale before succumbing to the draw of a Robert Trent Jones Golf Course nearby. The highlight was finding the KISS statue pictured below…

November - Rachel and Laura convinced me to purchase my first pair of pajama pants. For $2, I acquired hot pink pajama pants from Old Navy (with white skulls and orange hearts). I love them so much that I wore them to the grocery store last week. Within 5 minutes of arriving home from work, I am in my PJ pants. Oh, the joy that I missed by waiting so late in life to embrace pajama pants.

So… cheers to all those brave souls never stop taking on new adventures – I am a proud member of the club.

Footnote… it goes without saying that the BEST first was having my first grandchild (the ever darling Finley) but since I was only 48 when he was born, it can’t technically be included in this post.


  1. Is this yard sale an annual event???

  2. You should definitely join in next year, Hilary!

  3. Some great ideas there Cynthia! I need to so some firsts in my 52nd year -thanks for the inspiration. (I will pass on the swimming pool as I look at the snow in my yard!)

  4. I can't wait to hear about all 4 of those topics!

  5. Thanks for the wisdom! Just like the days of OM sponsorship.

    I find it amazing you lived without pajama pants for that long. I can't live without PJs for 24 hours. Makes me wonder what I'm missing that I won't discover for another few decades...

  6. Hillary and Darci - thanks for your kind words. I follow both of your blogs in stalker mode. Loved Darci's saga of making a dress without a pattern and Hillary's quest to not miss Wait Wait. Looking forward to my next post on March 8th (on Laura's blog but Rachel will have a link)

  7. Sheri - be the wild and crazy girl you were born to be. Let me know what new adventure you choose.

    Marie - HI! I know of you through Rachel's stories. Thanks for the encouragement.

  8. It was great to "hear your voice" again in this blog! Next time you post I'll be sure to make myself a big glass of Chocolate NesQuick to drink as I read and channel those times standing around the island in your old kitchen. (P.S. Excellent choice on the skull pj pants-pirates never go out of style.)


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