Tuesday, February 9

There's Snow End in Sight

I don't know if we're ever going back to school. We're home today and tomorrow and we're just waiting on the next storm... probably at least another foot of snow. Our neighborhood still isn't cleared... I don't think I have ever seen this much snow. We'll be in school until the 4th of July at this rate.

In the meantime, here's what I have done:
  • Run 3 times--3 miles on packed snow, 10 and then 7 miles on the treadmill with my best friend, the Kindle.
  • Eaten 30 cookies (in about a day and a half), countless Hershey kisses, a bag of Blazin' Buffalo Ranch Doritos and had at least 20 Diet Cokes.
  • Designed my pal Marie's blog
  • Sewed new velcro on 3 of Finley's diapers
  • Maintained a decent level of tidiness in the house
  • Started using Gmail's contacts to store all of my addresses (Thanks, VIC! Google never ceases to impress me.)
  • Watched Temple Grandin (Loved it! So inspiring.)
  • Began designing a printed version of the BLOG with Blurb... because I'll want to look back years from now and read all about the little details of the years.
  • Tried to take pictures of Finley making his fishy face. But it's tough--it's an elusive little face.

Here's what I have NOT done:
  • Changed out of my pajamas--except to put on running clothes. Then the pjs go back on.
  • Done my hair. It looks awesome. (I have showered, I'm proud to report.)
  • Watched much tv... unfortunately, I'm just about caught up.
  • Taught Finley to walk or solve linear equations.
Suggestions on other things I can do to pass the time? I'm about to go craaaazy... or I may already be there. Yep. I'm already there.


  1. Is Finley really walking behind his tiger? I didn't know he had mastered that skill. So adorable.

  2. I think you should start watching Lost from season 1, and compile a list of cliffnotes for me to study before the finale

  3. Rach- Thanks for the encouragement! Its surprisingly easy when your surrounded by very interesting things. There are a few other pearls I've learned recently that I think have helped some too, 1) equipment is key (i'm glad I splurged on a nice zoom-lens) and 2) shooting in raw gives you a lot of advantages.

    I really like your pics of Finberto. He is looking quite studly. Also, holy snow!


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