Monday, March 22

For the Love of TV

So, I'm still behind in my TV watching (no thanks to the actual March Madness that has monopolized the TV), reinforcing the need to make some cuts. After some soul searching and wise counsel from friends, here's what we've got.

Remember, in my tournament, the losers advance. If you don't know what a loser is, here is a picture to help you understand.

Ok, back to TV.

Modern Family vs 30 Rock
Loser: 30 Rock

This definitely is like KU and No. Iowa. People are like, what's that No. Iowa team? I haven't heard of them. But I know KU. They are, like, the best. NOT! Modern Family is surprisingly quick and has fewer turnovers! Or something!

HIMYM vs Big Bang Theory
Loser: BBT

I just can't say goodbye to NPH. Or that silly Marshall. Even though BBT has some pretty colorful characters, I think they are a little easier to say goodbye to. And I got some wise counsel regarding TV watching during the summer hiatus from Mrs. B--BBT is an ideal candidate to watch later.

Mentalist vs LOST
Loser: The Mentalist

Self-explanatory, no?

Glee vs American Idol
Loser: American Idol
I love you, Ryan Seacrest, but AI takes up soo maaany hooours, I can't handle it. I'm ready for some GLEE!

Brothers and Sisters vs Ugly Betty
Loser: Brothers and Sisters
So, this is Betty's last season and the CUTE senator from GG was on last week. I want to see how it all ends. I think Brothers and Sisters is perfect to catch up when all the other shows are done in the lonely summer months.

Gossip Girl vs Grey's Anatomy
Loser: Gossip Girl

Because I value my friendship with Courtney, Grey's is in it to win it for the time being. Those silly doctors have been my pals for a long time, and I'm not ready to say goodbye. Those UES kids though? We might be breaking up. Paige and Katie--they have one more week. Even though Little J is killing me, Chuck keeps me hanging around. I love the villain.

Community vs The Office
Loser: The Office
This one was kind of an upset. I think in basketball speak, Community may be a Cinderella team, or something? The Office grates on my nerves. And Community never fails to make me laugh. Sorry, Michael. Sorry, Dwight. You still have a chance in the next round--bring your A-game.

Psych vs Parenthood
Loser: Psych
Unbeknownst to me, Psych is actually done for the season. Kind of an unfair match-up. I think this is like what would happen of BYU had beat us and they had to play on a Sunday.


  1. Your BYU comment killed me. The whole game I kept wondering if they would show how short the cheerleaders skirts were, not to mention the double standard that they let the boys run around in tank tops.

  2. So if I understand brackets properly, which I may not, some of these shows that have advanced may still not make it into the bracket of losers and therefore won't ultimately be cut? In which case, I would like to reference my aforementioned comment about AI and then herald the need to hang in there with the many funny nuggets are thrown in there.

    With regards to your picture of what a loser looks like: Does it not seem like we live in a twighlight zone when KSU aaannnndddd Baylor are going further than KU? Guess it's time to spread the glory around.

  3. Since Ugly Betty and Lost are out after this season, are you going to pick up old standbys or leave their slots open for new shows?

  4. Good questions.

    Court: The Office still has a chance. I'm only cutting out 4. And since it's up against Psych... its pretty much in the bag. Also, PURPLE POWER.

    Tara: New shows probably? I don't know. We'll have to see what the fall line-up looks like.

  5. Rachel, this cracked me up! I love the opening piece about KU. Nice work!

  6. I LOVE this so so much! :-) and I would pick the same winners/losers . . . Parenthood, Modern Family, Community, Glee . . . love them! :-) Parks and Rec is one of my other favs!

  7. KU=LOSERS. Hahahahaha. So much for world peace.

    Please do not eliminate Idol or The Office. Please. Finley begs you.

  8. I am rooting for BBT to have a comeback in the losers bracket. Tonight's episode was so funny. Coming from our family - you gotta love a show about geeks/nerds. :-)

  9. Did I mention that I watched the KState game live from the Ford Center in OK City? Go Wildcats!!!!

  10. You should probably take this Lost quiz. I bet you'll do so well that you'll be able to operate their submarine.

  11. Rico--I did not get to operate the sub. I was the next level. I should have taken it earlier!

  12. I can't believe you would consider getting rid of 30 Rock! "What is this, Horseville? 'Cause I'm surrounded by naysayers."


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