Friday, March 19

Wild Child

I tried to capture Finley's latest trick on video for his adoring fans--but I was not too successful. He thinks its fun to make noises while you pat his mouth, like a little Indian. (Or Native American, sorry if that isn't the PC way to describe it.)

1. He really will do it on his own--but the camera is too fun and distracting. He gets close around 0:14.
2. He does not follow directions well. I ask very nicely for him to do his trick, and he declines. I hope this is not an indication of future parent/child conflicts.
3. He's real cute.


  1. aw he's like a real person now...I can't wait for him to start talking. and learning fun things. like the plot of Lost. THink he can have it memorized by his 2nd birthday?

  2. When I first saw him smile there at the end, I thought he looked JUST like YOU! But then I just watched it again (yes I'm a stalker) and I think he looked JUST like Sol. Hmmmm.

  3. I had 4 or 5 friends over at my apartment last night, and I made them all watch this video! HE'S SO CUTE!!!!!!

  4. I loved the 'I'm not doing that mom' look.


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