Saturday, March 13

Two Vics and a Rach

Victoria and I got to hang out with one of favorite sorority sisters, Vicki, for dinner this week... this is blogworthy for several reasons.

1. Vicki is a Foreign Service Officer in Jamaica and she has a cool life.
2. We went to the Cheesecake Factory and I had the red velvet cheesecake. It has 0 calories and 0 grams of fat. It is delicious. Also I had 3 large diet cokes.
3. Finley is becoming pretty good at eating dinner out with us--he stayed up way past his bedtime and held himself together pretty well. He was quite charming and entertained the whole table. He only had to be plied with yogurt melts a little bit. (He had another rough night going to bed, but I am blaming this one on us.)
4. Finley was quite fond of Vicki--maybe it was her pretty, shiny hair or maybe it was because he remembered that Vicki gave him his FAVORITE stuffed animal. He loves, loves to cuddle with his monkey. (I was going to include a picture of him cuddling with the monkey, but he is currently refusing to nap, so no picture.)
5. Vicki is a frequent reader of both of our blogs--she called herself a "lurker"--it was funny to talk to her and have her already know some of the stories we were going to share. We love our lurkers. I am hoping that having a post about dear Vicki might give her the confidence to leave a comment. What do you think, Vicki? Don't be scared!
6. We are trying to convince Vicki to start a blog. (Not just because we would design it, obviously.) She is really funny and smart and has cool things that happen to her. And we are nosy and want to know about it. Start a blog, friend--all the cool kids (Victoria and I) are doing it!
7. We took these pictures--which is noteworthy because we used a FLASH. We tried to avoid shooting with a flash at all costs but it was pretty dark in the restaurant. Finley thought the flash was so cool. He looked at the camera and smiled... I now have to decide if its worth it to have nice lighting or a baby looking at the camera.

Also, Victoria, the second picture is out of focus. But I forgive you. I think the flash threw you off.


  1. 0 calorie cheesecake? I call BS.

    Also, I'm going to Kingston in June. Where does Vicki live?

  2. Look, I'm leaving a comment! You have helped me conquer my fear. If this whole teaching/blog designing thing doesn't work out for you, you should turn to psychotherapy. Or something like that.

    Still considering the blog. You guys are good with peer pressure, so it might happen...

    I love Finley. And his mom. And his sister/babysitter/aunt/bff/life coach Victoria. So good to see you guys.

    And, Christina, I live in Kingston! Rach, feel free to pass along my email address if you'd like.

  3. I don't know what happened with the flash. I was trying so hard to capture that smile.

    And I like that I am Finn's life coach. That's a good way to explain our relationship.

  4. I would definitely lurk onto Vicki's blog :)

  5. We look like different people in this photo.


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