Tuesday, April 20


It's your last day of being a baby, Finn. Tomorrow, you won't be zero anymore, you will be one. Tomorrow you're going to have to learn to walk, because, well, that's what big kids do. We're going to have start working on your penmanship and your times tables. Not to mention all the state capitals and Presidents there are to learn. Oh, baby, we need to get busy.

How did you get so big? I love you, little baby.


  1. oh, i love that picture.
    i always get emotional the day BEFORE my girls birthdays.

  2. Happy Birthday Finley! Congrats Rachel and Sol!

  3. Congrats ~ You survived your first year as parents! Enjoy every minute of the coming year as well; things speed up once they start walking off (mine both started walking at 9months and haven't slowed down since!)

  4. Happy birthday little man! Rach, that pic is precious, you are one lucky mommy!

  5. The year has flown by. Life is so much richer because of the treasure known as Finley. Happy Birthday, sweet baby. :-)

  6. The journey is the joy. It is amazing how a child changes our lives and grows our hearts. Every year adds more joy. Happiest Birth Day to you three!


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