Tuesday, April 6

The Easter Post

Last Easter, I was 1000 weeks pregnant and weighed 100000 pounds. Finley was due any day and we were so ready to meet him.

This Easter, I have the sweetest little boy in the world. And I weigh a reasonable amount.

Here's a few shots of Easter, past and present.

We felt like Easter caught us by a surprise this year--it was hard to focus on Easter coming off of spring break. My prayer is that even if my heart wasn't prepared this year, that every day I can remember Jesus on the cross, and the love that saves us still.


  1. Based on that picture, Rachel and I have lost about the same amount. I was a fattie.

  2. You said it, not me, dear. I think you are cute.

  3. Remember the HIMYM episode where Robin is determined to take a bad picture of Barney but no matter what she does - the pictures are awesome. Same applies to Sol. Same expression, smile and head tilt in every picture. Sol - you are awesome like Barney.

  4. You all 3 take good pictures.

    And Finley is brave. I'm a little afraid of that bunny myself.

  5. WOWSA you were super pregnant!!

  6. Yes, I exude awesomeness. I learned how from my wife.

  7. I need Finley pics in his new hat!!


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