Monday, April 5

Mondays with Mom: Mysteries of Life

Here are a couple mysteries worth pondering: family similarity and telephone calls.

Family Similarity

Without even trying, families share similarities in appearance and in actions. Who would have ever expected this… The "Final Four" (Mom, Dad, Dan and Ben) had a wonderful weekend exploring Little Rock, AR. We snapped some cute pictures and were stunned to see the similarity to the pictures Rachel and Sol took on their trip to Hilton Head. Uncanny resemblance... and definitely mysterious.

Telephone Calls

I have worked for telecom companies for over 10 years. Telecom has been explained to me on fancy power point presentations and on bar napkins, but it is still a mystery to me. I pick up the phone and instantaneously, I hear a voice from thousands of miles away. The speed of sound is approx 768 miles per hour -- that rule obviously doesn’t apply. I have been told that voice (on a phone call) travels at the speed of light (which is 186,000 miles per second) because that “sound” has been converted to something electrical. OK – I guess that does makes sense… Sound becomes electricity but still sounds like sound on the other end. Mysterious! In addition to how fast it moves, every time that little electrical packet of sound crosses from one telecoms network to another – an imprint/record is made. We telecom-ers make money by billing other telecoms or customers for the calls that originate, terminate or transit our networks. Making all those records doesn’t even slow it down. I am a huge fan of phone calls because it pays the bills and it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when I hear voices of those I love. But it is CRAZY… I still believe it is mainly magic.

Happy Monday!


  1. I love it. Dad's pretty good at PhotoShop!!

  2. i'd imagine it's hard to throw a grown man that high in the air. performance enhancing drugs?

  3. Catching is every bit as hard as throwing...

  4. as a follow up - check out the comic today at They discuss the ability of twitter/telecom communications (regarding an earthquake) to move faster than the actual earthquake. So you can hear of an earthquake via twitter/telecom before you feel the earthquake. Crazy! And yes, my man is buff and can throw a teenager in the air and catch him!


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