Saturday, May 15

Feeding a Big Boy

Feeding Finley is always an adventure. There really is no telling what he will or won't eat and what sort of utensil will make him happy. His current favorite is eating with a fork. Yesterday he took avocado out of his mouth and tried to stick it on a fork because it is more fun to eat that way. I blogged awhile back about making baby food--I'm making less and less of the pureed stuff for him. Finley has so many teeth that he really doesn't need his food to be mushed up so much anymore.

Copper knows where he needs to be during mealtime. Although sometimes he is too good for the food Finley drops. He'll sniff it and then decide its not worth it to eat it. Silly doggy. Finley is dining on grapes, blueberries, sweet potatoes and carrots in this picture. He also eats a lot of Bonbel cheeses and yogurt. We've started giving him whole milk and he does a pretty good job of drinking it (although not from Amy for some reason.)

When Finley has had enough/becomes bored with his food it quickly deteriorates into one of the situations below. He will either mash his food, clear his tray by feeding you or by throwing it on the floor (hope you like organic blueberries, Copper!), or wave his arms frantically whenever you come near him with a spoon. Or sometimes all three.

He's a silly boy. And a cute boy.


  1. Belle is always willing to cleanup after Copper turns his noise up. She sure doesn't care.

  2. I like the squished blueberries, myself.


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