Friday, May 14

We're not dead

I told Victoria I didn't have anything good to blog about and she told me to blog about my kid. Unfortunately, my kid has been sick and has passed it on to his other baby pals (sorry Margaret and Calvin). That means I don't have any cute pictures of him--it's hard to take a picture of a baby who only wants to be held or lay on the floor and whine. And pictures are pretty much the meat of this blog.

Other news:
  • My IT band is officially injured and I am not running the marathon of my dreams in the Poconos. This makes me sad (and gain weight--intersting tidbit, when you stop running, you also have to stop eating). I will probably run the Air Force Marathon in my childhood home of Dayton, OH this September. Get ready Brunos! (Also, anyone want to run with me?)
I guess that was all the other news I have going on. I though I had at least three bullet points. Wrong.


  1. I thought you actually lived in Centerville.

  2. I thought you actually lived in Yardley.

  3. Remember when I "thought" about running the first one with you. I pooped out after "training" about 2 weeks...but I did run 5 miles of it w/ you.

  4. Sad news on sick babies and your injury...great time to blog or do RV Designs with having to be less active. Blog about RV goodies or something...

  5. Hi Birthday Girl - I thought I posted on here
    that we would love to have you here in September! None of us are runners but we can make some noise as your cheering team!


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