Thursday, June 3

13 months

Whew, I can barely keep up with this kid. I'm not sure how long I can keep remembering to write something every month. But I really love looking back and remembering how exciting it was when Finley first learned to pick up food, or roll over, or giggle for the first time. So for my own sake, I'm going to keep trying to update how he is doing developmentally every month. Even if I am consistently several weeks late.

And also for my own sake, I made a button in the sidebar that will take you (or me) to a post with each monthly update listed there. It was taking me forever to go back and find old posts. It would really help me out if everybody else with a blog about a baby would do that too--that way I can be reassured or frightened at my baby's development. Thanks. (PS: RV Designs can help you make a button if you want one. We're awesome and cheap.)

Eating: Finley's eating less and less mushed up stuff and more and more finger foods. He has a new love of using a fork and will happily eat just about anything on the end of a fork (including tofu!) He's still nursing in the morning and before bed and sometimes when I get home from school.

Sleeping: He goes to bed around 8 and gets up between 8 and 9 and I am PRAYING he keeps sleeping that late through the summer. He's just about decided one nap will do it for him--so we're trying to adjust his sleep schedule accordingly. It's been a little rough around here. Once this week he woke up at 3:30. In the morning. Early morning=Dunkin Iced Coffee.

New Talents:
  • He really likes to give big open-mouthed kisses. Most of the time he kisses our legs or shoulders; the kisses make me extremely nervous because sometimes his baby shark teeth get involved.
  • He throws really cute semi-tantrums--he'll put his head on the floor and then pivot on to his back. Sometimes he cries and kicks, and sometimes he giggles because its so fun to lay down (I agree). I've tried to record the little tantrums, but the sound of the video camera turning on is enough to end the tantrum. I have lots of videos of him crawling towards me, pulling up on my pants and trying to get the camera. I'm submitting my work to the Oscar committee any day now.
  • He's still not too motivated to walk or stand alone. I caught him standing by himself for a few seconds when he was eating some Pirate's Booty and needed both hands to shove it in his mouth. He's serious about snacking. He'll figure walking out soon, I'm sure.

I love his little face when he cries. Is that bad? I also love it when he is happy. Pretty much all the time I love it.


  1. What a face! His personality is definitely coming through. I think the Oscar is probably in his future. But then, someday you will see your photos published in his bio.

  2. Ruthie's started to do that too - come towards the camera when I turn it on trying to capture something cute. Bah humbug.

    Finley is super dupper cute.

  3. I love taking pics of my babes crying too. It makes me laugh! And its cute :) I am JEALOUS that you have a babe that sleeps til 8 or 9. No fair!!

  4. so cute...even sad faces.

    now tell me of these seven high waisted jeans you are speaking of.


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