Tuesday, June 29

14 months

Another month, another cup of coffee.

Just kidding. We don't feed our kid coffee. He just really likes to pretend to drink from things. (I thought this picture was better than him pretending to drink from a beer bottle.)

And here's our little man trying to watch Jillian Michaels bust a move. He's so tech savvy.

But really, aside from the fact that I am obsessed with these bug pajamas, this post is to let you know that Finley just keeps growing.

Major events this month include:
  • 3.5 new molars and some very disrupted sleep and very grumpy days.
  • Walking more and more... he's walking more than crawling these days and seems quite pleased with himself.
  • Occasionally he is able to locate his belly button and nose.
  • Rubbing his hands together to help us put lotion on him.
  • Throwing some pretty awesome tantrums. He's got the leg kicking, laying on floor, yelling thing down.
  • Lots of bumps and bruises on his sweet little head. He got his first band-aid and lots of ouchie kisses. We're still working on balance. Now I know how Lucille Austero feels.
Happy 14 months, baby!


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