Wednesday, June 30


Newsflash: I got a Droid.

I've been a Blackberry user for about 4 years. I was embarrassed when I first got one--I felt pretentious and slightly ridiculous. As I became more and more fascinated with the internet, I embraced Blackie more and more.

Secretly, though, I wanted an iPhone. Blackberries were for business men, iPhones are for hip, cool people. I was hoping to fall in the latter category.

I waited and waited. And I got tired of waiting for the marriage of Apple and Verizon. And because I love love google, I got a Droid.

And I love it. A lot.

Here are some things I love about it.

Swype. I was nervous to to type on a touchscreen, but Swype makes it faster than I was on old Blackie (may he rest in peace). I make more typos, but I feel so cool swiping my finger around and producing words. It's magical.

Pandora. I can play it from my phone. It's kind of amazing. It's pretty much a radio, when I stop and think about it. Do they even make radios anymore?

Barcode Scanning. I don't see any real purpose for these, but I think its amazing that I kind find the lowest price on Pirate's Booty just by scanning the bag.

Camera. I love my DSLR but it is BIG. And my phone is in my hand/pocket at all times so I can snap a quick pic of Finn and upload it to twitter like THAT. Get ready for more pointless pictures, more often.

Also you can go here for my friend Sarah's thoughts. She wrote a great post about some of her favorite apps. And she was the technology chair for my sorority so she's legit.

The funny thing is, my new phone is barely a phone. When I check the usage stats, I have used it as a phone about 1% of the time. Isn't that crazy? I remember getting my first cell phone and that's sole purpose was to make phone calls. If I was in danger. What has the world come to? Well, whatever it is, I like it.

Anybody else just get a new, fancy Droid? Or a lame, overrated iPhone? Or two tin cans attached with a string?

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  1. watch your language, young lady. my iphone 4 is not lame or overrated...i waited a long time for it and it is BEAUTIFUL.

  2. funny you should mention it, I JUST got a new Tin Can Stringmaster 2.0. Here's a photo of me using it. Sorry it's a bit pixelated, the camera on it isn't the best.

    In other news, I started my own P.I. business on the side. You can see my trannie partner in the aforementioned photo. With us on the job, a solved mystery is just a string away.

  3. I am waffling still between iphone or Android os...can't decide which I want. I hate the proprietary aspects of both. I want the universal do all phone that "talks" to Apple and to Android. And then, the Apple contract with ATT runs out in August and I am not sure what will happen there...Check out for more apps for your new toy.

  4. I will show you my phone when you come in July. All it does is make calls. I take that back, it does much more than "make calls". It also has a calculator, it saves my contacts, and has a little flashlight so I can see in the dark.

  5. guess who won the TOMS giveaway on the concrete catwalk?!?!?


    i'll be emailing you shortly with the deets... congrats, lady!

  6. I too was a crackberry user and now I am the proud new owner of a DROID! Love it! Sorry Mr. Jobs, you snooze you lose.


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