Saturday, June 12

A few steps at a time

After months and months of cruising, Finley's finally brave enough to take a few steps on his own. I'd caught him a few times over the past week not holding on for a few steps as he cruised. And occasionally he'd take a step to get him from the couch to the coffee table.

Yesterday, Sol and I sat down and got some video of him walking between us. He'll take up to 10 steps alone! We're beyond impressed. One of the great joys of having children is always having something to celebrate. So we celebrate and cheer for him--because the days where he wrecks our cars and stay out past curfew are just around the corner.

Highlights of the video include:
  • Finley walking and texting
  • Finley saying "Ey?" into the phone (Ey? = Hello)
  • The back of my haircut


  1. AWWW I love this video!! Finley is growing up!!! This is so adorable!!!!

  2. Bonus highlights include Sol's dress socks and shorts. Classic!

    Can't wait to see Finley walk in person. See you soon!

  3. Checking in as GPA and GMA and we are gaga about you all sharing this with us!!!!

    Joy all around, clapping for Finn!

  4. Stop walking until I get home Finley! I need you to walk to me this afternoon. My baby is walking!!! How did he get so old?!?

  5. YAY back of your haircut!!!! (okay, okay really YAAAY FINLEY!!!!!!!!!)

  6. I like your tweet that Finley is eating ChickFilA. Can I assume that this means you've abandoned his all-natural all-organic only diet? Can he eat Chipotle yet?

  7. yay!!!! I am so happy for Finley! He is growing up so fast!!

  8. Is it weird that when Daniel was watching this over my shoulder he said, 'who is that?' and I answered that "it's Sol, Rachel's husband and I guess Nannette." Dude, Rachel I didn't recognize you from the back with the new haircut!

  9. Yeah for Finley walking!! Boo that I don't get to be there :-( Miss you guys!!!


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