Tuesday, June 8

Finn at Play

It's happened a couple times. I'll be sitting in a different room, and I'll realize its quiet. Too quiet. I'll run to wherever Finley is, and the last few times, this what I'll walk into.


Finley discovered several things. He can turn his milk upside down and shake it out. And then he can fingerpaint all over our floor with the milk. And then he gets real mad when I make him stop.

This week's topic at I Heart Faces is "Play." I love watching Finn learn to play--even if it makes a mess. It's darling that a sippy cup can be an entertaining toy.

I guess I need to buy some fingerpaint--any suggestions?


  1. Just think what he could create with 'Chocolate Milk'. I believe I'd take off that cute 'BugsRule' shirt first, tho! Love the colors and composition of this photo...the angle and light of the rug really make it pop...Sue

  2. Yep whenever they are quiet you know your going to find something interesting hehe Cute shot :) He's an artist in the making. And I'm afraid I have no wonderful suggestions, but I'm sure he'd have a blast with finger paints :)

  3. They have fun finger paints for the tub! and then they just wash right off, highly recommended!

  4. We have unintentionally used yogurt as finger paint!

  5. that naughty baby. well, atleast he wasn't in the fireplace eating soot (like my child). but i mean, soot is healthy like milk right?

  6. Pudding comes in brown and cream and tastes very delicious when you lick your fingers. You can add whipped cream if you are in an adventurous mood. Sitting in his chair with the tray he can have so much fun that you will be tempted to join in. Combine that with a swimming suit outdoors on the deck (Finn)where the final project could be water on the tray, sounds like super messy and super fun. Blog worthy I would think.


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