Wednesday, June 23

Make New Friends, But Keep the Old

It's so good to be with good friends. And there's something extra special about old friends--friends who loved you through awkward wardrobe choices and unfortunate hairstyles. Friends who don't let you forget about the shenanigans you pulled in high school and are quick to remind you that you aren't as cool as you think you are (while you color Pirate Shrinky Dinks on a Friday night). Old friends are the best.

I was so lucky to get to see so many people when I was home! While I obsessively take pictures of Finley, I was horrible at taking pictures of us with all the friends we saw. Sorry friends. Promise I love you. Here are some highlights:

Drinking the world's tiniest Diet Coke with my lovely friend Kristin and her little girl Kate. (Remind me to tell you about how Kristin and I became friends--its one of my favorite stories ever.) Finley got to play with sweet, patient Riley and he and Kate pretty much ignored each other. Kristin and I took a moment to take a our family portrait on the fireplace, with our two favorite things: Diet Coke and Elsa Peretti necklaces. We're meant to be friends forever, clearly.

Going to see airplanes with my family--and hearing my dad talk about all the different kinds. Go buy a plane already, dad. I was so lucky that my family was willing to drive up from Tulsa to see us for a few hours!

Upon seeing a bump on my face, Jessi excitedly said, "Is that a zit?" in hopes that she could pop it for me. Also, we shared our unhealthy obsession with knowing far too much about acquaintances' lives. It's cool to be creepy internet stalkers. (Jess, why do I consistently take embarrassing pictures with you?)

Eating ice cream at Marble Slab with Hillary, big Allie (who is taking the picture below), Ashley and the BSC 2.0--and then being annoyed with all the high schoolers there. Please tell me we weren't annoying in high school. Please.

Finley finally finding doggies that love him back. Riley and Zeke let Finley crawl all over them and he was delighted with the sweet dogs.

Breaking out awesome dance moves at Allie's wedding... cycle and buffoon, anyone? And drinking margaritas and eating chicken fingers while Rhonda made me swear that I will come back for her wedding. I wouldn't miss it, Rhon. You know I love a good wedding. (I couldn't locate a picture of us WITH the bride... luckily she doesn't read the blog, so she may never know that a picture with her didn't make it. Allie was a lovely bride, of course.)

(Photo courtesy of Rhonda's fancy waterproof camera.)

Blogging certainly makes the world smaller... it was kind of crazy to see old friends and have them tell me that they love reading about Finley! It made me a little nervous to realize how many people read--I guess I best brush up on my grammar and spelling. And stop telling embarrassing stories about myself. It's also wonderful to bump into people that I have reconnected with via the blogosphere (I'm talking to you, Jenae!) and talk strategy about blogging with Kristin.

So good to see you all. There really is nothing like old friends.


  1. It warms my heart to see the beautiful strong women that you have all become and delights me that you are still so much a part of each others lives. You are all blessed, indeed. :-)

  2. Belle loves Finley. She's just trying to catch a squirrel right now.

  3. Jealous. I hope you all had a wonderful time, I am truly so jealous I couldn't be there.

  4. we take embarassing photos together because they are SO much more fun than non-embarassing photos. I love you. and your kid.

    Oh is that the same Rhonda as Tara's friend?

  5. i mean who needs the same old same old photos anymore. it's good to spice it up.

    and also, come to KC and let's become BFF's.

  6. Loved seeing you (of course). Do tell the story of when we became friends... it should be documented so we remember when we're 90 years old and still wearing our necklaces.

  7. Love the pics of the little man with the dogs loving him up.

  8. HEY - you never told the story of why you and Kristin L Shaw are friends.


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